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The Tillers

Album Release

The Tillers are a Cincinnati trio that have been together since 2007. With relentless writing, performing and touring the band has come into their own. Their folk music is rooted in the emotion they feel from the land they call home and the people who have shaped their lives. Keith has been a fan for years, and the group played at Neltner's Farm for one of their annual festivals. Seeing the Tillers live is a true experience. The album also features JD Wilkes of Th' Legendary Shack Shakers in a guest appearance.

With their sound evolving, they wanted their visual aesthetic to feel as thoughtful as the music. "Hand on the Plow" was their first release through an independent label, Muddy Roots Records, and with a European tour in the plans the group didn't want to cut any corners. Recording to tape, releasing vinyl and working with NSB only added to the quality of the release. Hand-rendered illustration and emotional imagery captured by nationally credited photographer Michael Wilson completed the package. A mix of handwritten lyrics, old wallpaper and other unearthed textures complete the richness of sound and visual.