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Shooter Jennings

Family Man & The Other Life

What started as a single album design project for Shooter Jennings, son of Waylon, turned into a sprawling two-year journey and two albums that play off of each other like whiskey and wine. Shooter Albright Jennings had enjoyed Keith's Hank III work for years, so with his first album, "Family Man," a soulful collection of stories told from a new father's point of view, Shooter asked Keith to do the album design. Keith engaged photographer Brian Steege, and the project was on. Later, when Shooter co-headlined a tour with Alice in Chains, Keith was commissioned to do a show poster featuring both artists.

A year later Keith did the art for the follow-up album, entitled "The Other Life." The concept for that album was a darker trip into what happens on the road to redemption. Accompanied by a short film, the colors and mood from that album contrasted the tone of "Family Man." The work Keith creates for Shooter has established an unmistakable brand platform, which will be evident in the work to come. These are two artists, honest and uncompromising, whose collaboration is greater than the sum of the parts.