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Shoot with Steege

Identity & Brand Campaign

Brian Steege is one of our favorite people, and a darn fine photographer.He's a great guy. Even better, when you work with Brian, you never need to worry about the little things, because he's so professional in his planning and execution. So when he asked us to help update his identity, we were determined to complete the assignment in a way that honor's Brian's dedication to his craft. (Of course, we totally get his focus on detail; that's how we approach our work, too.) We started by embracing a few things that make Brian unique. His sense of humor, and his love of dachshunds.

Keith created Brian's identity around that unusual shape, and Jeff wrote a tagline that captures Brian's personality in a few words: "The highest of standards. The lowest of dogs." Once the brand was established, Keith brought it to life in print, website and Facebook executions, as well as custom merchandise Brian can use for self-promotion. As a possible result of this work -- we're saying "possible" because one never knows for certain -- Brian has received national attention, and quite a bit of new work, around his photography of dogs. Check out his website and see for yourself.