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Bitter Old Fecker

Brand Inspiration, Identity, Packaging

Here's a classic example of good work that leads to more good work. A guy named Nathan Hukill, a brewer from Ann Arbor Michigan, called us for some help creating a line of craft beers based on the mysterious life of Cecil K. Fecker, a legendary area farmer. A music fan, Nathan had long been a fan of Keith's work, particularly the branding and exclusive art Keith created for Hank III. Nathan was determined to create distinctive beers with strong identities so he gave Keith free reign to create. No restrictions. "Make it as badass as you want," he said. So Keith said "Right on" and he started developing the Bitter Old Fecker identity and graphics library.

Once the base brand was established, Keith and Jeff got to work on the first SKU -- that's a "stock-keeping unit" in case you don't know the retail lingo -- a brew called Old Strutter, named after a nasty ol' rooster on Cecil's farm. (Eventually, all the beers in the lineup will be named for farm animals.) Keith's approach was to illustrate the rooster in a style that reflects Old Strutter's scratch-your-eyes-out punker attitude. Jeff wrote the rooster's biography, based on information Nathan provided, and the first package design came to life. We're also in the process of developing POP materials and Old Fecker merchandise, which we'll share soon.