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Music for the Mountains

Awareness Campaign & Event

Mountain top removal mining is form of surface mining that involves the removal of a summit of a mountain to get at what's underneath. It's the predominant method of coal mining in much of the Appalachian Mountains, including those in the eastern half of Kentucky. In fact, the Appalachians are the only mountain range in the country where this practice is allowed. We believe this kind of mining is a crime. The effect on wildlife, the environment and human life is immeasurable. To date more than 500 mountains have been dynamited and nearly 2,000 miles of rivers and steams have been choked in the process.

We learned about this devastating situation when were contacted by Mark Utley of the band Magnolia Mountain, and asked to promote a concert to raise money to help fight mountain top removal. Keith and Jeff created a concept as stark as the action itself. Their "Removal is not reversible" posters called attention to the practice, and promoted the concert in a visually-arresting way. All proceeds from the concert were spilt 50-50 between Ohio Citizens Action and Kentuckians for the Commonwealth. We're also proud that the poster series was awarded a Judge's Choice in the Cincinnati Addy Awards.