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Branding Platform and Development

Halfcut = a 1920's term that means "pleasantly buzzed". Tom and Jack came to NSB in June of '13 with an incredible story, a journey they had taken across the country, 6429 miles to be exact. The journey conjured up a place "back home" in Cincinnati where beer enthusists could explore tastes, experiences through rare and curiuos beers that Halfcut would curate.

Fast forward to 2014 in a humming, resurging Over the Rhine district to the doors of Halfcut. NSB develped name, brand mark, apparel, and heavily influenced the interior which is a mash of urban and mountain motifs. The crowned jewel is the largest Neltner piece as a 14' x 24' mural showcasing the journey of beer from earth to glass. So stop in Halfcut and Get Your Beer.