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C.C. Farmers' Market

Identity, Packaging & Motion

Camp Springs, Kentucky is a beautiful collection of small farms, old homes and wineries set along a three mile stretch of single-lane road, but what we really are is a neighborhood. And neighbors help neighbors, it's as simple as that. So when the Campbell County Farmers Market asked us to help promote their outdoor markets, we were excited to help. After all, these are our neighbors. Additionally, we sell our food at the CCFM so we're invested in their long-term success. The values they promote -- sustainability, responsibility and wholesomeness -- are equally important to us.

We started by creating their identity, with a "corner feed store" kind of vibe. After that, we created sales materials including flyers and rack cards, and a series of screen printed, collectable art posters. We also created a Facebook page which we promoted to increase awareness. The brand was built. The final component of the campaign was a series of :30 tv spots which ran on local cable networks. Keith and Jeff worked with DP Brian Steege and editor Tate Webb to tell the stories, which featured farmers from right here in Camp Springs. The campaign won several awards for creativity, and increased traffic at all three market locations. Really good stuff.