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Branding and Beer Launch Event

Arnold's Bar is a Cincinnati landmark. And, yes, a lot of people use that "landmark" designation, but before you call BS on us, think about this: Arnold's has been in continuous operation since 1861. That's what makes Arnold's a landmark. So when they asked us to help them create an identity for a new beer they developed with Cincinnati brewer Christian Moerlien, we were super excited. The new beer, called 1861 Porter, was brewed to celebrate the history of beer making in Cincinnati's legendary Over the Rhine district, where Christian Moerlein is now located. We created the identity for the beer, borrowing from the individual histories of three entities: Arnold's, Moerlein and the city of Cincinnati itself.

We started on the project by calling in one of our favorite illustrators, the esteemed Rob Warnick (, and we began to develop ideas. We decided to build the identity around three whimsical animals, two dogs and a pig, that represented the partners. From there the ideas flowed (sorry) into a multi-dimensional campaign, including a custom-made wooden pull tap -- made by Kentucky woodworker Kevin Neltner -- posters, t-shirts, and ideas for the tapping party. Heck, we even helped transport the first barrel of 1861 Porter from the Moerlein brewery to Arnold's, on a human-powered wagon. Great stuff. In closing, if you'd like to try a glass of 1861 Porter, stop by Arnold's and tell them NSB sent you.