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You have to suffer for your art.

Small farms in America are disappearing every day. There are a number of reasons why. For one, it's not easy work. But farming is rewarding and it shapes lives, just like it has for Keith and his family the past three decades. The land nourishes the body and also serves as an incredible visual influence and experience. This is something we've decided to share with young creative folks. That's the idea behind our Plowshare Internship. Students in our Plowshare program work with the NSB team on branding and design for national and local companies, but they also work on the family farm a couple days a week, learning and being influenced by the earth, the history, and the work ethic it takes to succeed. It's not easy work but at the end of the summer our students' point of view will be unique. Our high standard of creative work is much like the high standard of growing and sharing food with the surrounding communities. Students might also get the opportunity to help market one of the farm's house brands, such as Claire's Kitchen Canned Goods or Black Mule Handmade Furniture. Whatever the assignment, Plowshare is giving students the opportunity to improve their design skills, and learn an appreciation for the beautiful things that happen on a small farm.

Elani Sininger, NKU Student Intern

Kyle Eli Ebersole, Plowshare Alumni

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