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    The Tillers Album Release Party July 5

    Keith's branding and design for Cincinnati folk trio The Tillers will culminate with the July 5 release of "Hand on the Plow," their first album on the Muddy Roots label, which will be distributed around the world. Keith's cover depicts a scene of a farmer at sundown behind his plow and his mule, with the band's name rooted in the soil he's furrowing.
    Keith remembers, "My Dad would plow potatoes by hand when we were kids, we spent days digging wagon loads we'd sell later at the farmers' markets. It wasn't easy work but it left its mark and I'm grateful." The visual metaphor is emotional and real, as the music is "plowed" into the vinyl.
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    NSB launches summer intern program

    NSB has launched "Plowshare," a one-of-a-kind design internship where students spend a portion of their week working on branding projects in the studio with Neltner and his team, the remainder of the week working on Neltner's Farm planting, picking, and sometimes even plowing.

    Current Plowshare intern Kyle Ebersole of Mason, OH said, "Everything is visual in the Camp Springs valley, its a pretty cool experience to work the farm and then spend the next day developing packaging for a brewery in Omaha."

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    NSB featured on "Oh Beautiful Beer"

    Certainly, none of us needs to be reminded of the consequences of Autism. Likely everyone knows someone struggling with, or connected to, that disorder. But what we DO need to remember is that Autism isn’t without hope; this project made that fact very clear for us. Here’s how it happened. Our friends at Rare Brain Studios in LA asked us to help promote a documentary film about an Autistic man named Lance Rice. Lance has an encyclopedic knowledge — a cliche, admittedly, but there’s no better way to describe it — of the history of beer in America, and for 40 years he’s wanted to write the definitive book on the subject. So, Lance’s nephew is launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund the filming of Lance’s dream, starting with a cross-country tour of America’s breweries. The project was called “Beer, Autism, Hope.”
    Our contribution took the form of an original Neltner poster that was given to those that donated $100 or more to the Kickstarter campaign. We were also excited because Lance’s tour was scheduled to make a stop in Cincinnati, at the legendary Arnold’s Bar, where we’d get to meet Lance. (After all, we love beer, too.) This was a chance to share the hopeful side of the disorder, which was too important an opportunity to pass up.
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    Neltner Crafts new Small Batch brand

    Keith Neltner knows branding, and is creating a new home-grown, hand-crafted "Neltner Small Batch" creative workshop inspired by and based in Camp Springs.

    Drawing on a team of writers, directors, photographers and strategists, Neltner Small Batch is already working on projects.

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    Unprecedented honors at '13 Addy Awards

    Keith has been a regular at the Cincinnati Addy awards since his career started in 1997, and his honors have increased significantly over the last few years, but his recognition at this year's awards may have set a mark that can never be equalled. This year, Keith received three of the four Judge's Choices awards, which recognize each judge's personal selection of the show's outstanding creative piece.

    But Neltner's recognition isn't a surprise, either. In last year's show he was awards the Best of Show award for his branding campaign for the release of his documentary film, "Charlie Louvin, Still Ratllin' the Devil's Cage" which went on to win regional and national recognition. In addition top honors at the Nashville Film Festival.