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    Our friend Mike Amann is fighting stage 4 neuroendocrine cancer like a freak. And we're here to help him! Not because he needs us, nope.... because WE NEED HIM. And it's time for us to show him just how much. We need his talent, his vision, his spirit, and his friendship. We just need him. We need him to fight. We need him to be inspired. We need him to believe in hope and prayer and faith and science and laughter and loyalty and love. He’s our friend, and we need him. And, sure, Mike is already the Badass of The BLDG, the Curator of Covington, the Conscience of Ludlow, the Savant of the Screen Print, the Daddy of Little Kaizer and the Lucky Guy Who Landed Lesley. So while it seems like he's got it all, he needs us now more than ever...

    Mike is leaving no stone unturned in his fight to beat the crap out of cancer. But, as you can imagine, the burden of medical bills can be a beast. Please donate here or send a check payable to: Amann Family Benefit Fund, 49 Kenner St., Ludlow, KY 41016.


    Join us in supporting Mike, financially and spiritually and emotionally... And post support for Mike here on Facebook at - See more at:

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    In March of 2011, I sent an email to a man I had never met, telling him about an idea that I had for a brewery. This brewery would make small, limited batch ales that used barley, hops and herbs grown exclusively in the USA, aged in Kentucky Bourbon barrels and embodied the spirit of a man that has worked and fought hard for over 80 years. A beer like that would need a special label. Not just a beer label, but a badass work of art mounted on a big bottle.

    Being a fan of Hank Williams III, I was nervous to randomly email the guy that was not only responsible for creating countless pieces of art that were the physical manifestation of Hank’s music for many years, but also a library of work that stretched out into the world far beyond Hank III. I took a chance and could not have been more thrilled that Keith Neltner not only took a liking to the concept, but over the next several months I learned about our shared passion for all things handmade and was fortunate enough to form a partnership constructed on a bedrock of hard work, blood and sweat.

    After much perseverance, about 1,000 emails (mostly from me), way more government paperwork than I thought I would ever do in my life and more than 2 years, I’m now holding that exact American-made ale that features a label far more badass than anything I could have imagined. It’s unreal.

    And it’s only the beginning.

     Empty out a mason jar. There’s an angry old rooster on the warpath and he’s about to leave the farm looking for new blood.

    -Nathan Hukill aka "Head Fecker"

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    Dirt Daubers

    Plowboy Records Readies Plugged-In LP From J.D. Wilkes + The Dirt Daubers Produced By Punk Legend Cheetah Chrome Out 9/24.

    Plowboy Records’ latest signing, J.D. Wilkes and The Dirt Daubers, will release 'Wild Moon,' their third album, September 24th. Produced by Cheetah Chrome, ‘Wild Moon’ finds The Dirt Daubers - previously an old-timey, acoustic group – plugged in and wailing away on raw, blissfully distorted rock-n-roll and blues. The Dirt Daubers were formed by Legendary Shack Shakers front man, artist, director and country punk pioneer J.D. Wilkes in 2009 with his wife Jessica. Wilkes’ “gothic preacher” persona and frantic blues harmonica whips ‘Wild Moon’ into a frenzy, trading lead vocal duties with his feminine foil. NSB worked with JD and Jessica to create a modern day throw back to the 60's. Working with beautifully striking imagery created by Joshua Black Wilkins the album has a crisp seduction about it.

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    Video Premiere

    The new Shooter Jennings video "A Hard Lesson to Learn" from Juddfilms' short film "The Other Life" made its Penthouse Magazine premiere. The video is just one of six and the second to be released.

    Look for Keith in the opening sequence. Ealier in the year he was on set with Blake Judd, Todd Tue, and the entire crew. The film pairs with the album release "The Other Life" and features Keith's illustration work throughout the film.

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    Tito's Event at Arnold's

    On Friday July 26th and Saturday July 27th, Arnold’s is hosting the Tito’s Old Time Music Festival with 8 local Bluegrass/Old Time bands over 2 nights. Beyond the music Arnold’s will have drink specials on Tito’s Vodka Cocktails running all night on both days as well as Tito’s reps in the house to hand out free swag. One lucky winner will even win a Epiphone by Gibson Acoustic Guitar signed by Tito himself.

    We're excited to work with WarnickArt again on an xclusive poster just for this event. It will be a limited edition of 50, hand pulled screen prints signed and numbered by the artists and Tito Beveridge, owner and CEO of Tito’s Vodka.